Entry #2

New Smut Blog

2015-02-17 12:23:25 by Shmutz

As of sunday my main blog on tumblr got deleted.
If you were or want to follow me on tumblr, it's now: http://shmutzig.tumblr.com/tagged/shmutz
And since I don't want to get nuked by tumblr's staff yet again, I'll post my more controversial stuff on pixiv from now on: http://www.pixiv.net/member.php?id=11924925

And since this is NG, have also this: 5171786_142419370513_beetl.jpg



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2015-02-17 13:23:33

Tumblr will never learn.
whatever power they think they have, they don't.
It's just prude paddy wagons that they hop on if it's;
A. They want to belong, so they hate what others generally hate.
B. Put themselves in the awkward position of prude attitude believing they are "pure"
C. Doing justice lol
D. They can't draw jack shit and sperg out in jealousy.

sorry that shit fell the way it did, hope you get everyone back in following.
Last night's streams were fun, we need to do that shit again.


2015-02-25 19:27:10

Oh man, that sucks! Well at least they can't keep you from drawing kickass pictures, plenty of other sites will let you post (you mentioned pixiv, and I can't recommend them more) I hope to see tons of pics from you on there :D.


2016-01-23 12:08:03

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