New Smut Blog

2015-02-17 12:23:25 by Shmutz

As of sunday my main blog on tumblr got deleted.
If you were or want to follow me on tumblr, it's now:
And since I don't want to get nuked by tumblr's staff yet again, I'll post my more controversial stuff on pixiv from now on:

And since this is NG, have also this: 5171786_142419370513_beetl.jpg


Joined the NG Art Portal to spread my Smut Art!

2014-09-24 15:41:03 by Shmutz

Hey-yo, I'm Shmutz, nsfw artist, and am trying out the NG Art Portal to reach more folks and smut art enthusiasts!
I tried to read up about NGs stance towards porn and couldn't find much but since there're hentai games hosted this should be alright, right? I'd be glad if someone could clarify this.
It'd delight me greatly if you'd check out my artworks here and on my other pages and give feedback!
Though you need to be logged in and over 18 to see any of it here..